jason“Jason” aka Littletree Born Supremacy is a Fell Pony gelding that hails from Cumbria, accent and all.  He is as brilliant as he is hairy and tackles his dressage tests like they’re his job, always there for me, ready to say ‘duh’ at every revelation in my path to dressage enlightenment.  He has a heart his little legs can’t always keep up with and an attitude to remind me to never take him for granted.  He has been that one teacher I will always be grateful for.  (He also has frozen semen, if anyone is interested in Jason babies.)




“Lola” aka Stensgardens Lola is a 21-year-old Danish Warmblood mare.  She came into my life at 19, and since then has been very disappointed in her new retirement home.  She asked for a foal and alfalfa and instead got a randy goat and slow feed haynets.   She likes *your* coffee, still warm, and always keeps me on my toes. She is my teacher of what proper riding is, and I adore her.

Lacey is a five year old rescue pony. She’s bold and feisty and in desperate need of focus. More to come on her, as she’s the newest addition. She’s the first to latch on to a concept, and also the first to literally jump a 4′ fence if she feels like too much pressure has been applied. By too much pressure, I mean I asked her to turn the other direction.  She requires a true horse whisperer.  Seriously.  Use your inside voice, please.  She’s sensitive.